Debris Flow Barriers

Debris flows are typically mobile liquefied landslides containing a variety of material from fine particles to large boulders and tree branches. Rget are caused by excessive water on slopes, caused by rainfall, glacier melt or similar. The likelihood of debris flows is increased when vegetation and other surface protection has been removed from vulnerable slopes, perhaps by wildfire or clearance. Debris flows tend to be channelled by the topography and can damage or disrupt infrastructure.

Maccaferri Debris Flow Barriers (OM CTR DF) are designed to absorb debris flow impacts (dynamics loads) and to contrast the forces developed by the debris against the barrier (static loads). These barriers can be installed in any location; usually they are positioned at the base of drainage basins susceptible to debris flows, or in the channels or chutes in the pathway of potential debris flows. They are unique in configuration and size, and are specific to the problem site.

Maccaferri debris flow barriers are similar to rockfall barriers but their geometries can vary according to the site morphology: they are basically composed by ring net, energy dissipater devices, cables and posts, if required (barrier can be fixed directly on the soil, without any posts, i.e. installation channels).

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